Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ripples of love

It was a dark and foggy night and Raymondo Cat stalked purposely down the path on a secret mission known only to him.  My heart was crying don't go it is too dark, its a dangerous world out there but I let him go he is an outdoor cat.

I have been stalking Raymondo during the past six weeks because he suddenly became very seriously ill.  He wasn't eating had a dangerously high temperature and possible a mass in his stomach  I prepared myself to loose him but then a treatment was found and he started eating first  a teaspoon of food became a tablespoonful, then a half bowl full then a bowl twice a day Now he is putting on weight again and is strutting his Tom cat walk as if nothing has happened.  He wakes me at five thirty each morning after prowling his territory.  He calls  for fish as he come up the stairs.  I make him wait until after 6.00.  He purrs in my ear to keep me aware of his presence.  Then I go downstairs to cook his fish He eat,stays to relax and purr contently before he is off  again climbing the six foot trellis  into the world of cats, mice and nature.  

Nearly loosing him has made him more precious than ever and has sharpen my awareness of how each moment should be cherished.  Caring for Ray has rippled out into paying attention to all those in my life and increased  awareness of natural world.   Frank Lloyd  Wright wrote, 

"I  believe in God only I spell it Nature." 

My love of nature and life helps me see the Buddha nature in all living beings.

I am grateful for the blessings in my life.

With Reiki blessings to you all