Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tids, Ray and Pops an hour in our life on 29th February 2012

Home at 5.55 p.m  – put the Coley on – play football in the Hall with Pops dog while it cooks.  6.10 put the fish into three bowls and start up stairs;  Pops streaks past me and hangs over the gate to the dog free haven of the cats Tids and Ray.  I put down Pops' food  which she gulps in seconds.  I carefully open the gate and slip in to wake up Tids and Ray.  They pounce on the  coley ignoring me completely. As I leave the room they have their heads in their bowls and are eating with deep concentration.  I have half hour before I have to give Tids her insulin injection.  I wash shower and dress to go out.

Tids demanding attention

Time for Tids injection run down the stairs at 6.40 followed by Pops and get the insulin ready.  we run  back up stairs.  I prise Pops off the gate slip in and catch Tids and give her the injection after which she stalks off and hides in the linen cupboard.   Ray rolls over on his cushion to express his in sensual delight at having a full belly of fish.  Pops is hanging over the gate whimpering. I manage to  unhock her from the gate. I slither  through it  and rush down stairs as usual I am beaten by Pops to the bottom.  To distract Pops I give her a piece of of dried Tripe - ugh  the smell is disgusting.

I quickly rinse my hands and as the Guildhall clocks strikes seven rush out of the door to my friend Jeanette’s 16th Birthday Party. Whew that was a hectic hour now iit time to relax , however I will have to leave about ten to walk Pops before she goes to bed! Then Peace will descend and the cats will lounge and potter around quietly.

With Reiki blessings

Merry B