Monday, 31 December 2012

Mistletoe - all Heal

Cider aplles
On New years Eve there will be many kisses exchanged under the mistletoe unaware that there maybe  "Merry Miners" living in the leaves.  A rare micro moth Celypha woodian The Mistletoe Marble Moth.  whose caterpillars "etch mines into Mistletoe leaves and live there unseen until they emerge in summer and take wing. The moths live mainly in mistletoe growing apple orchards.  We can help this species in a very pleasant way. 

Bridge Farm Somerset Cheers! 
*Moth experts are appealing to the public this Christmas to help save an endangered species by drinking British cider. The moth, a threatened species which feeds on Mistletoe, is confined to a few sites in Somerset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Monmouthshire.  Butterfly conservation.
How will this work? Well the more British Cider we all drink the more apple trees will be planted in the thriving cider farms orchards.  

The Mistle Thrush is a powerful bird and is larger than other Thrush. It is midway between a blackbird and a pigeon.  It is aggressive and  territorial, and can often been seen on top of a tree singing its distinctive song, particularly if the tree has mistletoe growing on it with ripe berries.

The Mistletoe Thrush has an important part to play in the distribution and germination of the seeds of mistletoe. This is describe in  Mistletoe Symbol of Love and Peace.

Mistletoe berries have also benefit human beings for centuries.  It is referred to in old text as All Heal.  Culpepper in 1649  describes it as a plant  under the dominion of the Sun. He records the use of the powders of the leaves helping falling sickness, and how  the use of the sticky substance of the berries is a remedy  for hard tumours and swellings.  This is similar to use of Mistletoe by Celtic Druid healers hundreds of years earlier..

Modern Herbalist use Mistletoe  for treatment to strengthen the heart and for high blood pressure ,and the powered leaves can be used for the treatment of epilepsy.  Mixed with Valerian root and Vervain it is said to help nervous conditions.  Mistletoe in large quantities can be toxic and is used in small amounts perhaps as little as 10- 16 grains 0.65 g. It is also used in homoeopathic medicine 

Healers throughout the centuries have used this powerful All Heal to treat similar diseases but in the 20th  and 21st century  Mistletoe  under its Latin name .viscum album is being used to treat Cancer patients. 

Rudolf Steiner the founder of Anthroposophic Medicine a combination of spiritual a scientific approaches to medicine began in 1916 to believe that mistletoe could restore the balance between spirituality energy and and  the body defences and fight back against Cancers . Continued research took Steiner's beliefs further and even: 

 that some of the chemicals in mistletoe could stop cancer growth and even kill cancer cells directly while enhancing the body's immune system.

Today an article in The Daily Mail On-line describes Mistletoe as being:

credited with the power of healing  -  an attribute currently being harnessed by a new outpatient unit at the independent Raphael Medical Centre in Kent, which offers integrated cancer care.    ....  to combat undesirable effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, such as fatigue, nausea, weight loss, low mood and infections. 

Gene Feder a GP and a Professer  at Bristol University s initiating the first UK pilot study.  He sayes:  

'Patients receiving mistletoe during and after radiotherapy or chemotherapy appear to tolerate those treatments better. 

The pilot will start in April 2013.

Modern Scientist are treading along a similar Path as the Celtic Druid Priests and Ovates, the Druid Healers, travelled.

It seem that Mistletoe lives up to its name All Heal and not only brings Love and Peace, but is Life giving  to a tiny rare moth,  the Mistletoe Thrush and many other birds as well as to  humans.


Mistletoe can be toxic to human and self medication is not advised.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Mistletoe Guide to Other Worlds

Virgel  describes in the  Aeneid how the Trojan hero Aeneas  mourning his father, Anchises wishes to travel into Hades to  seek consul from him.  Aeneas is granted his wishes by the Sybil Deiphobe  but first he must to seek a golden bough of mistletoe and take it with him for protection on his journey into the underworld.  

Aeneas encounters  horrendous phantoms who guard the gates of Hades. Heroic   Aneas full of fear and dread passes on to the River Styx where the boatman Charon ferries soul to the afterlife.  Charon is at first reluctant to take Aeneas, a living man, across the river,  but when he sees the sacred  Golden Bough of Mistletoe he agrees to ferries him across.   After wandering in the dark misery of the underworld Aeneas  eventually reaches Elysium, the place of gladness, and finds his father's spirit.  Anchises foretells Aeneas future and  urges him to go to go to Italy where his fate lies.  Weeping for his father  Aeneas  safely travels out of Hades with the protection of the mistletoe. and  follow his destiny.

Mistletoe has been used in healing in magic and healing for thousands  of years.  The  4000 year old oak coffin of The Gristhorpe man found in a tumulus near Scarborough in 1834.  He was taller than average for this period in the Bronze age. Contained among the artefacts  in the tumulus was mistletoe in a bark bag.   Was this for his passage through the underworld and perhaps his returnto the world. Was he a magician and healer?

In 1948 at Hochdorf in Germany a Celtic burial chamber was found to contain a man six foot 2 inches tall.  He became know as the Druid Prince  because his stomach contents contained mistletoe berries.

Celts and the Druids revered the mistletoe.  The Druids cultivated mistletoe on many trees  including apple ash, willow trees, hawthorn and also on the oak.  The oak is a hard wood tree and as mistletoe grows mainly on soft wood, therefore the Druids must have been very skilled to grow it on the Oaks in their sacred groves.  Mistletoe  is rarely seen on Oak in the present time, but there are some oak trees  with mistletoe growing on them in Epping forest and a few other places..

Pliny in Natural History XVI 249 -251  describes how on the sixth day after the new moon  following the winter solstice the druids cut mistletoe with a golden sickle  making sure it did not touch the ground. They would place some on an  alter stone for the mistletoe thrush to take and renew the growth and spread of  Mistletoe in the Grove.  Some was distributed to people for protection and prosperity in the new year.  the rest  of the mistletoe  would use to guide the Druid priest in his prophesy and magic work

Mistletoe was used in magic its hallucinogenic effect when eaten in quantity enabled them to journey on the astral plane and into other worlds. Perhaps like Aeneas they carried mistletoe to allow them to return back into the known world. When the Druids  returned  he would be filled with Awen's  Bright knowledge  and wisdom distilled  from a mistletoe brew which was  "baleful and  poisonous".

Mistletoe was traditionally held to be a symbol of fertility and virility by the Celts   Women wishing to conceive would tie sprigs of mistletoe to their wrist.  

Old religions and ways declined with the growing power of the Christian Church but mistletoe is a powerful  heal plant in the 21st Century.

With Reiki blessings & a safe harbour to you all


Mistletoe  can be highly toxic to human beings please do not self medicate.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Symbol of Love & Peace

The Old English word Mistletoe  is derived from the words, "mistel" (dung) and "tan" (twig).  Hardly the romantic image we hold of this kissing bough found in so many homes at Christmas but a name typical of the down to earth English.

During the winter months Mistletoe growing on soft wood trees is easy to find as it grows on deciduous trees.  The berries are nutritious and  are eaten by bird  such as the Mistletoe Thrush, Robin, Black birds. but the seed of the plant is hard and will pass through a birds digestive tract very quickly  and then deposited in droppings on a branch of the Tree.  The seed will have the perfect growing medium and position on the tree branch.   Within six weeks the seeds will have germinated, however  It takes five years for the Mistletoe  to flower.

Numerous myths have grown up about Mistletoe, my favourite myth  is an old Norse myth of Buldar son of The goddess Frigga.  When her son was born she made all plants, trees animals and inanimate object promise never to harm  Buldar.  But hidden away in the leafy canopy of the apple tree  the mistletoe was forgotten and  was not called to make the promise.

The God Loki who is a malicious entity.tricks one of the other Gods into throwing a spear at Buldar to prove that he could not be killed..  The spear was hewn from the mistletoe and  killed Buldar. His spirit sinks into  Helhiem where all the dead go unless killed in battle.

Grief stricken Frigga sends her son Hermode The Bold  into Helhiem  to offer  a ransom to Hela Goddess of this dark dank realm of the dead.  She listens to his request in silence and stares at Hermode coldly.  He begged her to allow him to take Buldar back to the world of the living where Buldar, the God of the summer sun,  is sorely missed and loved. Eventually  Hela agrees to consider his request over night.    Hela is seething  with jealous anger, she has been banished to this dark world by Odin and no one has begged for her return to the living. 

In the morning she consents to release Buldar if all things living and dead weep for him   So loved is Buldar that all the living and dead weep for him  except one giant crone who refuses to shed even one tear for Buldar.  This evil crone is none other than  the God  Loki, Hela's father. Once again Loki plays a malevolent trick on Frigga.

Frigga holding a bough of mistletoe weeps for her precious son now lost to her.  As she weeps the mistletoe berries turn from red to white.  From that time forward the mistletoe  promised it would bring only love and peace to the world.

It was decreed that when two people passed under The mistletoe  they must give each other a kiss of love and peace and there should be harmony between them.  A tradition still carried on today. 

Wishing you all Love and Peace 

Merry B

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Poppy's new coat

The best part of owning a dog is the connection you make with them, the affection you share with them, and the humour they provide.” Henry Winkler (The Fonz)

Poppy was tied up for the first year of her life and hates to be restrained in any way.  Attempts to get her to wear a coat failed because she would roll over and wriggle free, or slide along the pavement trying to rip it off.  If that failed she attacked  it and rip it to shreds when she saw the coat hanging in the hall.

This winter I tried again to get her to wear a coat in this bitter weather.  No blues or read or cute coats, plain brown  no quilting simple fastening at the neck and round the tummy.  She wore it home from the shop and wore it out in the garden had a snooze in it, had her lunch wearing it.  So far she is happy to wear it.

Is she growing old and wiser? I do not thinks so!   On Saturday we walked to the allotment, Poppy in her smart new coat, me carrying a new fruit tree one minute she was along side me the next she had dived into a foxes den with only her bottom hanging out she wriggled further in and I held onto her lead and tried to extract her.  Eventually she slithered out her coat still on and only slightly muddy. Her retreat was  only because I was tugging her backwards out of the hole as I had her on the lead. Fortunately the fox was not a home!  An underground dog and fox fight with me on the other end does not bear thinking about.  I was glad she came out if she had gone any further  she may have got stuck and I would have probably have had to dig her out.  I retrieved the abandoned fruit tree and got to my plot.  First thing I did was put the kettle on I needed my rescue remedy tea!

Poppy is a Follie a fox terrier collie cross.  When I first had her  she had been tied up for most of her first year and never mixed with other dogs or been walked.  As a result she never sniffed anything, but  now four years on she walks along sniffing for cats rats and to get her peemails, to which she always replies.  Walking with Poppy at night is very odd she bounces up over garden walls seeking cats, or twirls and whirls when a fast car passes us..  Occasionally she walks quietly and then takes another twirl or bounce.  she rarely barks when she is out now.  Sometimes at a car, or a bike.  Unlike the first walk we took but  that is another story.

She barks at the plot sometimes at a car carrying away one of her human fans, or as friends cycle off.  The flight of a flock of geese flying overhead is serenaded  by Poppy, as are air rescue helicopters and navy helicopters.  On the way out if I have spent too long chatting to friend I pass at the allotments she natters then lurches off and as she is so strong I follow saying my good byes as I am hauled along by Poppy ,who is power walking up the path heading for the gate and home.

Poppy is affectionate, funny, strong in body and will.  She is afraid off traffic especially  buses, dustcarts  Coop Lorries.  

She will be five on the 21st of December 2012  and I am so grateful for her being in my life for four years.

With Reiki blessings to all living creatures

Monday, 10 December 2012

The Mindless Chatter - White Noise

Everyday we are surrounded by the white noise of the media, and on-line chatter.  Mindless gossip, carping, laughing at, and pulling pranks on unsuspecting people. Peering into other peoples lives to reveal  that people are human and transgress.     People are  exposing  the grit and grim of their lives on social media like Facebook,  Reality TV, You Tube.  Twitter, Everyone both real and imagined have flaws.

Shakespeare was a master of showing the flaws in the characters in his plays.  In Othello the character  Michael Cassio, Shakespeare has shown how  people who if young and inexperienced,  and are simple natured, are easy targets for those who are more cynical and worldly wise and who have selfish intentions. 

Casio is duped by Iago's  bitter manipulative character  to unknowingly providing false evidence against the innocent wife of Othello.  Iago wanted  to destroy both Othello's and Cassio' reputation and lives.

Casio had a flaw in his character  lack of respect for most women except the few he diefies such as Desdemona.  This what Iago uses for his plot against  Othello.  Cassio's mistress is  Bianca and he  is duped  by Iago into talk about her and to create murderous jealousy  Othello who is  secretly listening and believes the conversation is about Casio relationship with Desdemona

Iago asks if Cassio will he marry Bianac

Casio  laughing contemptuously sayes:

 marry her! what? a customer! Prithee, 
bear some charity to my wit: do not think .
It so unwholesome,

Othello jealsousy goes beyond reason leading to tragic consequences for all involved.

Shakespeare was inspired by a great insight into a how tragedy unfolds

In our modern world we have the reality show.  Where understanding and compassion are only mouthed about.   One of these is Jeremy Kyle show.  Where guest wrestling with painful dilemmas, pour out their grief, sense of betrayal, or injustice in front of a studio audience.   They are manipulated by Jeremy Kyle into exposing the rawness of their feelings and anger.  If a fierce confrontation breaks out the studio audience boo and clap as the pantomime unfolds before them and delighting in the experience of being at a good show.

Other  popular Talk shows are full of mindless chatter unimportant  matters.  ITV's morning show Lorriane  is billed as a topical mix of entertainment, discussion, and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring fashion food, and celebrity gossip  Recently I heard  Lorraine and a stylist talking about wearing high heels which both women agreed were a must for the fashionable woman, although  both women admitted that their heels were so high as to cause them pain. The stylist declared:

if I see someone going to a party this Christmas  in flat shoes I will be traumatised.  

Traumatised  is when a father staggers out of the rubble of a bombed house in Gaza carrying his dead child in his arms. and  a parent in Israel weep for a dead child killed in a bombing of a bus.. Traumatised is when Kiki cannot get to her home in Mexico city because Drug gangs are waging a war on her street. On a street where her son is trapped in his house terrified by the men with machine guns.

Everything is fair game for the hunters of a sensation, even for fun.  A young women's privacy was invaded as she was hospitalised for problems with her pregnancy.  Just for Fun two young DJ's were manipulated into make a phone call to the private hospital were the Duchess of Cambridge was a patient.  One pretended to be the Queen and a nurse put them through to the Duchess' nurse who revealed details about her condition unaware of the hoax being played on her.  Mindless chatter of the DJs about what fun as they flew on a high.  Michael Christian wrote 

The only bad thing about our Royal Prank… is knowing that I will NEVER EVER top this,'' he posted on Facebook. "Less than a week in the job & I've already peaked. 

 But from  that peak he fell crashing  down  when the news broke of the suicide  of   
Jacintha Saldanha..   The nurse who first answered the phone at .the Royal Hospital London .  The Prank was not so funny then.

But who was it that encouraged these young inexperienced DJs to pull this prank ?  Who was the person who gave them the number?  What where the names of the producer and lawyer who agreed that the Prank call should be broadcast.?  These people, I believe, used this scoop for the selfish intention of increasing the  ratings for the show and advertising revenue.  They knew this hoax call with  real information about the Duchess's pregnancy would go viral round the world. Her privacy was discarded.

The DJs  .Mel Greig and Michael Christian not  entirely to blame and I believe they are:

gutted" and "heartbroken

 They are in environment where it is OK to use any means to get that Scoops.    A world where respect for others privacy is thrown aside for tittle-tattle, the headline the jape. Those who are really  to responsible remain anonymous whilst these two young people take the brunt of the backlash.   They are feeling the full force of public anger .  But have the production  team step forward to take a share of the backlash?  No! 

This culture of  of mindless, ruthless disrespect of  a person's  life in pursuit of another scoop is a culture engendered Rupert Murdock's News Corps Media Empire and has infected most media. The mindless chatter that fills the vacuum of so many peoples lives. 

 I know out there in the real world is a young man who must fear his wife  might be subject to the same ruthless and relentless media attention as his mother endured.   A woman who, as we all know died, in lethal a car accident while fleeing the pursuit of paparazzi.   I also feel Prince William will understand more than most of us what it will feel like for two teenage children when they take a  lonely walk  behind their mother's coffin. 

It is a shame!

Sometimes our world seems so sad.

With Reiki healing to all those involved in tragedy 
Merry B 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bee hope For Detroit

Detriot is a city I associate with those icon cars of the 60's,70's .I knew that the car industry has declined in Detroit like it has in Britain and Europe as the cheaper cost of labour land, tax cost and resources of Asia beckons the Global Companies.  but the image of 40 square miles of dereliction  seemed too vast to comprehend. The City is struggling to re-invent itself as other Cities in America and Europe are needing to do.. 

This part of a poem  by Alex called "silence".    She posted  it on Cowbird  and it was a powerful  poem in which this stanza stood out in particular for me.

 I don't know what to write about
when  there is serious talk now about
dissolving the city of Detroit, 
bulldozing it back into pre-history
into a primordial swamp. Detroit?

The changes that have occurred in Detroit has devastated many lives.  As livelihoods, neighbourhoods have been destroyed by the closure of mile and mile of car manufacturing companies.  The pain for so many people cannot be imagined.  An image of an 87 year old woman living in the the last house standing in her neighbourhood is terrible  one. She wants to move but no-one will buy her house so she left amongst the bulldoze rubble of her neighbours houses.

The images of East Detroit is like an alien landscapes as the derelict car plants and building crumble and decay.  I can understand Alex's despair and horror. However there is hope

 Nature has already started on the task of renewing the abandoned factories.  Look at the picture above cotton trees are growing through the foundations and grasses, shrubs and weeds are taking back the land.  In 1920 Detroit east side was farmland and now piece by piece, inch by 1 dollar inch new farmers, small holders, nurseries are wrestling back the land to  fertile productive food cultivations.  Neighbourhoods are creating allotments and growing their own food. People are growing food on their Balconies.  

Change is the only certainty in is this life of ours.  Detroit has been devastated by the recession but the seeds of the new resurgence are there. My friend Sue who is moving near to Detroit wrote when I asked:

Is Detroit going to bulldozed?

Eastern Market Detroit food hub
Not sure.  There's been talk about "Urban Farms" and tearing down some of the run down buildings.  The areas or cities around it are beautiful like Royal Oak where 3 of the kids live, Ferndale, Birkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills (were Dean lives) and Rochester Hills were we'll be.   I'll keep you posted.  We're going there this coming weekend.
Detroit has a beautiful "Fox" Theatre which my mom thought should have been called the Tashj.  Inside is so amazing.  There's a great farmers market called Eastern Market and Greek Town, Mexican Town, Irish Town etc.  some really great spots amid the bigger pockets of decay.    
And Mary wrote

Times change and this just might be a change for the future.  I can recall was Boston was a dying city - it was grey and grim.  Then Mayor White came along and really changed the whole city, including demolishing whole areas, re-routing streets, putting up new buildings and shopping areas, and revitalizing historic areas.  Today it is known as Government Center and Quincy Market and, no matter when you go there, there is a crowd of sight seeing individuals and shoppers.  Also, the big dig came along and another part of Boston has had a face-lift.  So, based on what happened in Boston, and continues, I think the Detroit idea of urban farming is a good, healthy thing for the city to do.
urban farm

So perhaps Detroit will not sink back into the primordial swamp but become a food producing hub for the urban areas around. There is vitality still there but also at the present time pain and devastation. But the farms are bringing in the pollinating insects, butterflies, hover-flies, bees and they are bringing on their wings hope and renewal to Detroit.

Detroit farmer 
urban allottment

With Reiki blessings
And healing for all those broken by change

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Quantity not Quality

The third part of the Creative Sandbox Course was to about Quantity not Quality.  It was about learning to let go of control and perfection and make mistakes and learn from them.  Professional Photographers often take hundreds of pictures before they find the magic one.

Here is one of the many I took in the fifteen minutes set for the task I was taking a picture of the sedums when Poppy stuck her head into the frame . She is looking at a bird on the trellis probably a blue tit.

It isn't perfection but it captures the curiosity of Poppy and the vibrancy of the sedums. Not worrying about the quality, not trying seek out the interesting, beautiful photo opportunity meant I captured some lovely moments with Pops in the garden.  I was hoping to capture birds but Poppy was the only subject that was there.  The birds had obviously been early to the feeders.

My Gremlins tried a new tactic to put me off exposing myself to the web by saying
"That wall needs painting you cannot take a photo there"
"Ohhh look at the mud on that path that looks awful" 
"Those are weeds, pull them out quick." 
As I snapped pictures the gremlins were making me feel that me garden was a mess, that I was showing my self up by taking photos there.

 I did  stopped taking photos for quite a long  while after a friend lost my camera. The new one he brought to replace it was smaller, had no view finder, I felt I couldn't see what I was photographing blah blah. What was holding my pack from taking photographs was not my camera but the unexpressed resentment that a friend had carelessly lost my original camera.   He seems to feel was no great deal.  He bought a new camera for me but did not let me choose it.  He just gave it to me.  I pretended to be delighted but really I was angry about the lose of my camera.   I did tell you yesterday my gremlins are male.   It wasn't until my  friend Jenny took pictures with it and they were good snaps that I started to use it..

I kicked the gremlins out of the garden and  I learnt to day that my gremlins are holding my back from being creative and I need to play in the sand box some more and make sure those gremlins aren't buried inside the sand ready to jump out to discourage me and keep me safe in my comfort zone.

I hope to go out for a walk with my muse Poppy and take many more photographs

Melissa Dinwiddle  talks about the joy a child has in creativity and says:

If you're worried that mucking around like a 4-year-old, not focusing on the outcome, means you'll never master your craft, let me assure you, as long as you aren’t being sloppy, if you take care of the quantity, the quality will take care of itself.

With Reiki Blessing

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Creative Joy

The second task in the Creative Sandbox course tutored by  Melissa Dinwiddle is:

all about letting your 4-year-old out, and 4-year-olds are much more interested in the
experience of creating than in what they make.
It was all about returning to the Joy of creating without worrying about the outcome.  I went into my meditation room, where the cats were asleep on the cushions.  I put my gremlins outside the door and  found a sketchbook and my pastels.  The instructions for the task were to make an ugly picture using colours with colours I did not fifteen minutes    I settled  comfortably in a my chair and  I started.

 I looked up at the clock thinking the time must be up but barely five minutes had passed.  One of the gremlins had sneaked in.  Out he went - yes my gremlins are all male. I stayed put and continued making shapes with the pastels I like the feel of using them and the way different pressures made differing shades.  I used the ends, the sides.  I drew in circles, blocks and  points.Time was up the floor was littered with pages from the sketch book and I felt relaxed and happy.  My hands were covered in the dust of the colours I had used.  I left smudges on the table room but Hey!. 


I meet the gremlins at the door  one said:
 Oh dear not very good! 
another said: 
 You aren't going to put the picture on the web are you?  Tut Tut
They all chorused
No bin it, it is rubbish.  Don't show yourself up!
 But I pushed past them and took my camera and took pictures of my ugly pictures and I posted it on the web and it is OK.The task was about the experience of creating the outcome did not matter but in fact I feel good about the outcome.

think sand castles, which will be washed away at the next high tide. Let yourself get your hands dirty (literally and/or metaphorically) and simply enjoy the work itself.

The pictures are on my desk and I will find a way  to return to the joy of creativity  again and again.

Wish you Reiki blessing
and Joy in Creativity 
Merry B

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"If I were totally free to play, I..

Poppy going on an adventure
Oh dear I do not know what to write.  "If I were totally free to play" what would I do?  Play is fun but do I have fun?  I enjoy things, I am content but I rarely play.  Play -  that magic world were my  imagination and creativity takes me into new spaces and expresses a side of my that is tidied a way now that I am grown up.

Have I forgotten how  to play to let my imagination soar high and I feel the fun of just doodling playing with words, splashing paint and feeling the experience with out expecting an outcome. Do I go paddling in the sea, crunching through the autumn leaves? Build a snowman?  I used to at least I think I have done those things once upon a time.

Hey I do not bounce with joy, my dog bounces with joy as soon as I fetch her lead she bounces up and down runs up the stairs and flings herself at the front door.  I love her bounce but hear those voices saying,.

 "You should be the Leader of the Pack ."
Poppy should sit quietly before you open the door, and then she should quietly walks along side you."

My Poppy sits quietly for a moment then bounds out of the door on this adventure called a walk, what smells, what things to sniff, see, what to at bark?  Will she see a cat a pigeon meet a friends the possibilities are endless. 

I have lost my sense of play, my sense of adventure. I had it once, at least I think I can remember.  I want to play and I just do not know how.  Now this minute I will go up stairs and get my pastels and glitter, glue, paper and just doodle and draw and smudge, and glue feathers, leaves, tissue shapes on this huge piece of paper.  Play, be creative and use my imagination.  But Hey  I have to go up stairs and find all that stuff, and  it will make a mess, which I will have to clear up.........I have got to.......

Wow this playing is hard.  I will get Pops lead and  perhaps she can show me how to bounce and play.

With Reiki Light
Hope I find out how to play soon!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Stormy Times

Today an Autumn storm is sending heavy rain lashing against my window.  Leaves from the beech trees outside are scooped up and swirl around in a frenzy and then the wind eases and  the leaves drift back to the ground one by one.

Like everyone there are times  in my life I feel as if I am caught up in whirlwind emotionally, and spiralling into  physical exhaustion.Times when my mind swirls with thoughts anxieties and fear in the storm of  present circumstances  Times in which I seem to have lost my footing and I am  being tossed about helplessly back and forward without a will, like a leaf blown here and there in the wind.  I cannot think  and cannot breathe.

Then I strive to catch my breathe and pause and slowly by focusing on one in breath and then one out breath  once, twice or as many times as it takes, until  there is a lull in the storm of emotion.  I hold  myself still and breathe in and out, my breath deepens as I breathe in and slowly breathe out..  I again I focus on the  in breath and  sense of calm envelopes me, the out breath brings ease.  I relax and smile as a sense of well being flows through me.  I stand quietly and the flurry of thoughts diminish and drift away.  I am drawn back into the peaceful  centre of my nature. Like the leaves that flutter softly back to earth after the wind has ceased, . I may have  to begin again and then yet once more before  I have brought peace and equilibrium  back into my heart space.

Mindfulness meditation allows me the space to find my peaceful  centre.   I can face the circumstances that the storm of life is bringing me by being in here and now. I am  not looking back or dreaming about or fearing  the future.  I am no longer full or recriminations, fear, hopelessness or anger.  I can see  through the storm  the dawn of  light and the healing rays of Reiki 

With Reiki Golden Light

I saw this quote and comment written by Jean Claude on Cowbird today

 "The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too."

Vincent Van Gogh, in a letter to his beloved brother Theo 

Jean Claude writes:on Cowbird

As we know now Vincent's heart knew mostly storms. He never found out how much light he brought, brings to the crumpled hearts of others. The pearls, that his work was, are shining forth.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ripples of love

It was a dark and foggy night and Raymondo Cat stalked purposely down the path on a secret mission known only to him.  My heart was crying don't go it is too dark, its a dangerous world out there but I let him go he is an outdoor cat.

I have been stalking Raymondo during the past six weeks because he suddenly became very seriously ill.  He wasn't eating had a dangerously high temperature and possible a mass in his stomach  I prepared myself to loose him but then a treatment was found and he started eating first  a teaspoon of food became a tablespoonful, then a half bowl full then a bowl twice a day Now he is putting on weight again and is strutting his Tom cat walk as if nothing has happened.  He wakes me at five thirty each morning after prowling his territory.  He calls  for fish as he come up the stairs.  I make him wait until after 6.00.  He purrs in my ear to keep me aware of his presence.  Then I go downstairs to cook his fish He eat,stays to relax and purr contently before he is off  again climbing the six foot trellis  into the world of cats, mice and nature.  

Nearly loosing him has made him more precious than ever and has sharpen my awareness of how each moment should be cherished.  Caring for Ray has rippled out into paying attention to all those in my life and increased  awareness of natural world.   Frank Lloyd  Wright wrote, 

"I  believe in God only I spell it Nature." 

My love of nature and life helps me see the Buddha nature in all living beings.

I am grateful for the blessings in my life.

With Reiki blessings to you all

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Goliath but not David

This is a Story about a Global Goliath  - British Telecom and  me a customer 

Once upon a time ....

I  had a fault on the BT server since  30th July 2012 .  I upgrade from infinity 1 to 2 fibre optic Broadband.  Since then my connection has broken down two or three times a week. I have been battling to get this fault fixed and have encountered  the worst customer service ever.  

 I phoned the Technical help desk countless times and after a waiting 20 to 30 minutes  I have explained my the problem that yet again the remote host has disappeared for hours or sometimes 30 forty minutes.  My purpose is to report the breakdown in connection so that engineers in Portsmouth can discern a the pattern and work out a solution.  Simple - OH NO - the staff have a formula which they worked to:

"Is the computer switched on. "

Have you got your computer/router plugged in.....

Can you check your leads are in.............

They have talked over me I assumed that as I was phoning about the same fault it would be logged under one fault number.

As the disconnection seems to right itself eventually sometimes  when  it did I would report this to the technician some didn't listen and carried on, but the more canny ones did a quick speed test and I am sure reported they had fixed the fault.

Then BTCare on Twitter picked up my tweets to friends and galloped in to rescue me.  That proved difficult as they wanted the fault number as they did not recognise the reference I hd given.  I called a BT Operator she confirmed the fault number was right and as an aside commented.

"you have have had a lot of faults"

No one I cried, One persistent intermittent fault on the BT server which rights itself for a while and then the remote host disappears again.

I felt like the guy in Stevie Smiths  poem  Not waving but drowning

Drowning was how I felt, but hey BTCare were going to rescue me and sort the problem it was OK.

Oh sigh they did not.

As BTCare did not recognise the fault number  I filled in a Twitter form.  They told me they would "sort i and get back to me soont".  Did they heck no.  First there was the email that did not arrive in my email inbox a delay of 48 hours before my cries to BTCare "how long is soon" were answered. This was followed by an email stating..

"Your system has been working perfectly for ten days"

On the 23rd and 26th of August my broadband connection had disappeared for at least couple of hours.  On the 26th I had  a text message that a close family friend who was in a hospice had arranged a web conference call to speak to all of us.  I had no connection to the Internet so I could not log in and hear him talk to us and I could not speak to him. He died two days later. 

I felt helpless and hopeless.

I wanted to leave BT - enough was a enough.  I arranged to move to Plusnet which is a independent Company based in Yorkshire.  But I cannot move because I am locked in to a contract with BT until January 31st 2014.

 BTCare  eventually  did admit they could see the disconnections by the server on their system on the dates I gave. Since then I  have continued reporting faults. 

Next I was asked for a screen shot of my  BT Yahoo mail page which I sent.  60 hours later I got an email from a Technican

Thank you for your email dated 10th of April 2009 and he proceeded to give me a lesson in computer basics

I sent that email to Sir Michael Rake Chairman and he replied.

" I will have this looked into for you today as that email sent to you was not right as you know"

it seemed that rescue was at hand.

Then I got a text message from no company name, no person's name, number withheld,

"Thanks for telling us about your complaint we will get back to you in the next 10 days."

It was then I realised that I was no David all my shots at getting a solution had failed and I was in fact drowning.

This battle with British Telecom has left me feeling so gloomy I need to stop hoping for rescue and just give up.

Mind you I email Sir Michael Rake the contents of the text message!

PS. I came in this evening and found a very strophe email from Dave at  BTCare  in which he threw all his toys out of the pram.  I threw them back in for him

Then I found out he was the guy who was going to decide if I could cancel my contract without paying a cancellation fee - hands up I give up 

PS Hazel Tree story Tellers want me to write this account as a modern fairy tale,  Watch this space.

Update Perhaps I am a David BT withdrew the contract with no charge and also sent me a cheque in compensation. 24/11/12

With Reiki blessing to all


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