Monday, 7 May 2012

Posh Boys

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Prime Minster Cameron & Osborne Chancellor
Coalition Government

Thursday 3rd of May  was the local election day in Britain.  A third of the councillors  have to go to the Polls every year.

Since I have had the vote I have never missed voting in an election.  I feel that I owe a duty of respect to the generations that fought for the right to vote.  I also want a say in who represents me in Parliament, Europe and in the Local Council.

This year I found it hard to muster enthusiasm.   We have a Coalition Government made up of  The Conservatives and the Liberal Democratic, the cabinet is comprised of 21 millionaires and Multimillionaires -  Mainly Very Posh boys:

" who do not know the cost of a pint of milk or loaf of

How can these people represent the ordinary people!

MPs are now drawn from professional politicians.  Many new MPs' career start as  political researcher, then advisor to  Party Leaders, and they then are put forward as preferred candidate to local parties in safe seats.  They have no knowledge of the the working world.

Anyway enough of that back toThursday.  It was a grey day with continuous chilly drizzle and biting winds.  I was cold and wet when I got indoor.  I did not feel like turning out again to vote but I had a shower washed and dried my hair put on dry clothes and set off to the polling station.  I walked there, it was still drizzling a cold miserable evening.  When I got there there was not one member of any party outside to greet people and take the poll cards  which traditional they have done and shared the information between the parties.  Each party armed with that information would then go out and knock up  their voters who had not turned and get them to the polling station.

Never in all my voting life had this happened before.  I was fuming and almost turned round and walked off.  The council seat was marginal but the parties had not mustered any one to do this essential work.  My ward has often been won with only 50 or a hundred votes between the parties!

I was incensed because I had bothered to turn out and the Parties' members had not.  I could not walk away however because  I have the right to vote while  people in Burma and other countries  have faced prison and torture for  demanding the right to vote!  I value  my freedom to cast my vote.

The number of people who voted was less than 30 percent. The majority of people no longer see how their vote will change anything. Such a sad indictment on our Politicians. 

The House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said:

" Voters feel let down by political parties because they are "suspicious or even despairing" about the political system."

I feel disillusioned.  I feel  the political parties are merging together into a elite grey mass that has no comprehension of the majority of peoples' lives and the hardship the current recession has caused to so many of us.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


I was so tired when I came back from my plot yesterday.  I had hoed and cleared the Willow bed of brambles and weeds, sown, some flower seed and tied in the blackberries to the wires.  I was glad to tumble into bed at 11. o'clock.  I put on Radio Four Extra  and set the sleep button.  The next thing I know the cats are both standing on top of me demanding breakfast.  I felt as if I hadn't slept at all.  I slept through the alarm but the serial that starts at six am. was still playing on the radio.  I got up and stumbled down the stairs.  I felt exhausted. 

The day was rainy, gloomy and very,very overcast.  I put on the cat fish, made a cup of tea and went and sat on the settee. Next thing the smoke alarm was going off and I could smell the fish burning I jumped up rushed to switched off the saucepan and found the broom to turn off the smoke alarm.  I did manage to save some of the fish but got out the chicken and gave them a plate of that each as well. 

My kitchen clock had stopped at ten past two - The batteries were all up stairs so I went up to find them and there was my Radio alarm clock showing the time as 2.15 am.  Ray and Tids had woken me  and and I had heard the serial  being repeated at 1.00 am not six am.  I hadn't pressed the sleep button! I climbed back into bed and fell asleep.

I woke with a start Radio four Extra playing the serial but this time it was six o'clock in the morning and was time to get up.

Love you Tids and Ray yes Got-cha very clever.

With Reiki blessing to my beautiful cats and everyone


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Golden Jewels

I walked to the plot with Pops on the first fine morning after a week of torrential rain.  My thoughts were quite gloomy as I wondered how much damaged the Easterly gales and heavy rain had done to my fruit trees' blossom.  After greeting other plot holders, who had also emerged with the sunshine, I was relieved to find  that the trees were OK.  Some of the blossom looked bedraggled but it was still on the trees.

After settling Pops I opened my shed and was greeted by the sight of hundreds of tiny golden spiders abseiling down from the roof of my shed.  The sun was glinting on them catching them with light and it seemed as if I was being showered with minute jewels  I stood still and stared in awe at these tiny being as they float past on gossamer threads.  Some paused on my coat before the began again the descent to the ground.

In a few minutes these tiny creatures had disappeared as if they had never been.  I felt so blessed and refreshed to have been present at a perfect moment, a wonderful moment of life's magic new beginnings.

I forgot to reach for my camera as I was so absorbed in the present moment so the picture is a gif.

With Reiki blessings