Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I have lost the plot

Yes I admit it I have lost the plot about writing my blog, my note book is full of ideas for blogs but for the last two months these ideas just lay in my notebook . Why?  Well that is the question!

These are the subjects for some of the blogs I did not Post. I  made notes about and even wrote rough copies of them but never published a blog.

 Islamic State its message and attraction for some young people                            The sea mist of pollution drifts in from Europe

Walking  through Steep in Hampshire tracking Edward Thomas' path and listening to his poetry and prose.

Bind Weed lurking at the edges of my plot seeking to spiral  its way across it.       My plot in early Spring.                                                                                             Making a wildlife pond on my plot
 Tai Chi with Andy and Mark

These and other ideas were ready to edit and post but were abandoned. I will write a blog again here, perhaps tomorrow, at the weekend  or maybe next month.
Time for tea  and to walk Poppy Dog. 

A meditation by Thich NHat Hanh

Drinking Tea

This cup of tea in my two hands
Mindfulness held perfectly
My Mind and Body dwell 
In the very here and now

With Reiki light and blessings to you all