Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Creative Joy

The second task in the Creative Sandbox course tutored by  Melissa Dinwiddle is:

all about letting your 4-year-old out, and 4-year-olds are much more interested in the
experience of creating than in what they make.
It was all about returning to the Joy of creating without worrying about the outcome.  I went into my meditation room, where the cats were asleep on the cushions.  I put my gremlins outside the door and  found a sketchbook and my pastels.  The instructions for the task were to make an ugly picture using colours with colours I did not fifteen minutes    I settled  comfortably in a my chair and  I started.

 I looked up at the clock thinking the time must be up but barely five minutes had passed.  One of the gremlins had sneaked in.  Out he went - yes my gremlins are all male. I stayed put and continued making shapes with the pastels I like the feel of using them and the way different pressures made differing shades.  I used the ends, the sides.  I drew in circles, blocks and  points.Time was up the floor was littered with pages from the sketch book and I felt relaxed and happy.  My hands were covered in the dust of the colours I had used.  I left smudges on the table room but Hey!. 


I meet the gremlins at the door  one said:
 Oh dear not very good! 
another said: 
 You aren't going to put the picture on the web are you?  Tut Tut
They all chorused
No bin it, it is rubbish.  Don't show yourself up!
 But I pushed past them and took my camera and took pictures of my ugly pictures and I posted it on the web and it is OK.The task was about the experience of creating the outcome did not matter but in fact I feel good about the outcome.

think sand castles, which will be washed away at the next high tide. Let yourself get your hands dirty (literally and/or metaphorically) and simply enjoy the work itself.

The pictures are on my desk and I will find a way  to return to the joy of creativity  again and again.

Wish you Reiki blessing
and Joy in Creativity 
Merry B

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  1. I am a Reiki practitioner also. I was looking for the post about the "horrendous murder."
    I am interested because I write murder mysteries.