Sunday, 28 December 2014

Happy Birthday Pops Dog

Poorly Pops bounces back

Poppy dog started December being poorly, she was sick and did not eat for a day then gradually began to eat again small  amounts at a time.  Then she developed a cough which sounded just like the honking of a goose  .She had a swollen glands and throat and a dry nose, She still wanted to go out for walks but she did not whirl like a dervish with excitement and did not hustle me up the road to get to the park. Shoes and socks were not snatched away as they were taken off,  An annoying habit which frequently greeted us if we  had been out without her, but life seemed duller without the chase to get them back. The neighbours' cats could put their paws in the garden without Poppy hurtling down the garden path to protect her territory,  She seemed to have Kennel Cough so it was off to the vets.  Who confirmed she had Kennel Cough but was recovering and needed no treatment 

Twirling log roll 
Poppy bounced back quickly and once again  hauled us out of the door, bouncing and rushing to get to the park the woods, beach or plot. She was able to run and playing with her friends and back to whirling and twirling in the street and  park. Socks and shoes were once more at risk from a flying raid by Poppy dog seeking games and mischief.

Happy Birthday Poppy Dog.

Poppy's Birthday is the 21st of December she had lots of presents squeaky toys, an Eeyore soft toy which she adores and runs around carrying it and loves us to play with it with her, she jumps runs and tumbles with it.  She was given balls, and lights for her collar, which I love and she hates.  One is already broken during a whirling moment.  We cooked a special dinner of stewed lamb, for her, but best of all, I am sure, we went for a long walk to the sea, dog park and then  had lunch at the plot, which she loves.  She has a fan club among the plot holders and gets lots of cuddles,  She rolls on the grass plays with her balls and squeaky gnome, barks at  cats, seagulls, helicopters and the brent  geese flying overhead  to the mud flats in Langstone Harbour. 

Poppy's birthday is on the day of the Winter Solstice and there was a perfect sunrise to greet her on her special day. She is such a gentle, being and loves playing, walking, always looks with delight at the food we put down for her.  She will come up and snuggle against us, enjoys being hugged, and having her tummy tickled. We are very blessed to live with her she brings joy and laughter to our home, banishing grumpy moods with her enthusiasm.  What a lovely gift we got six years ago of Poppy Dog . I am grateful for saving yes to  a friend who told me about  her being tied up 24/7 as her owner could not cope with her hectic ways.

With gratitude for the wonderful animals who share our lives

and planet

 Reiki Blessing to everyone.

Where has the squirrel gone?.
The tree is Holm Oak 250 years old

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