Friday, 14 January 2011

The Start of the journey

 Even two years ago I would not have believed that I would stand up and say I am a Druid.    So why am I a Druid?  I love nature, trees, the living world.  I love walking especially in woodlands and forests.  The core of Druid belief is the sacredness of all life on earth.  I also have a Celtic ancestry. The Bardic Course I am studying is teaching me about the legends, lore and history of the Celts.  It is also tapping into my creativity and encouraging me to write and create. The steps I have  taken  towards Druidry feel right.  I have learnt  that being a Druid did not exclude my Christian and Buddhist background, nor Reiki which is central to my life.   The strands are weaving together to create a more open spiritual path.  But how did the call towards Druidry start?

I heard its call long ago whilst  I was being attuned as a Reiki teacher within the circle at Stonehenge by William Rand. During the attunement my soul travelled deep into the caverns under Stonehenge and I was lost at first then I began clambered up a steep treacherous path towards the light.  I came out into a  meadow, it  was early morning.   I could smell  new mown hay, and a rain shower had left  droplets on the grass  which sparkled in the sunlight.  I sat in the meadow and felt a deep sense of Peace. Then I was back in the circle at Stonehenge on a tranquil June evening.  Years later  as I took my initiation into Druidry  my soul retraced my steps through the journey made at Stonehenge but this time I understood the symbolism and meaning  of the experience.  I knew I was coming home.

This blog is another beginning, I want to write about the natural world, .  I want to write about  stargazing, bird song......bugs and insects.  I want to record the blessings and frustrations I experience. during my spiritual journey.  To note the  puzzles and questions that keep me wondering and wanting to know more.  I love rambling.........

With Reiki blessings to you all.

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