Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I couldn't use the computer because......

Sorry I haven't replied to your posts.  No I wasn't being rude, or don't care!

At the moment I am not using the computer so much as:

 1. I got rid of my old office chair

2.   I didn't buy a new one as I was not sure which one to get, and if new or secondhand

3.   I sprained my knee and sitting at the computer using an ordinary chair made it stiffer and more painful

4.   I decided to convert a wonderful pine captains chair made by a friend out of his boat and....

5.   It isnt back from the upholsters.  They are making a fitted cushion and adding castors -
 as it is very heavy

6.   I spent too long at the computer writing my blog and my knee was crunch up and is really stiff now and it hurts......

7.   Sitting at the computer for so long strained my eyes -  they are really red and sore

8.   Poppy dog needs long rambles

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