Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tree Lore and the Celtic Ogham

I have used the Celtic Tree Ogham for many years but recently I have been studying in more depth about  it and Tree Lore through Ovate course. Over the past two months I have written about the Yew, the tree of the Ovate, and  also I have written about the Yule trees and Ivy.

These are short post exploring my feeling for the tree, or plant, reflections and memories of walking amongst them, their history and lore. I have also shown a glimpse of their meanings in the Ogham. These writings, while based on my study of Trees and the Ogham are not definitive.

In the weeks and months to come my knowledge about trees and the Ogham will expand and develop,  and I will have more reflections on Native British Trees. 

As I go out walking with my dog on this blustery, grey and wet day I will  pass a group of Silver birch trees. These trees will  bring a glimmer of the light of the young sun into this stormy and gloomy winter day. 


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  1. I'm so delighted to 'meet' you via the web! I too am a Reiki practitioner, and a student of OBOD's Ovate grade. I'm weaving in Celtic Tree medicine into my Reiki practice. I love what you have created here on your blog, and look forward to immersing myself in your forest:-)!