Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Golden Jewels

I walked to the plot with Pops on the first fine morning after a week of torrential rain.  My thoughts were quite gloomy as I wondered how much damaged the Easterly gales and heavy rain had done to my fruit trees' blossom.  After greeting other plot holders, who had also emerged with the sunshine, I was relieved to find  that the trees were OK.  Some of the blossom looked bedraggled but it was still on the trees.

After settling Pops I opened my shed and was greeted by the sight of hundreds of tiny golden spiders abseiling down from the roof of my shed.  The sun was glinting on them catching them with light and it seemed as if I was being showered with minute jewels  I stood still and stared in awe at these tiny being as they float past on gossamer threads.  Some paused on my coat before the began again the descent to the ground.

In a few minutes these tiny creatures had disappeared as if they had never been.  I felt so blessed and refreshed to have been present at a perfect moment, a wonderful moment of life's magic new beginnings.

I forgot to reach for my camera as I was so absorbed in the present moment so the picture is a gif.

With Reiki blessings


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