Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bees, Butterflies, Sunshine

On Monday after a lovely time spent at my allotment I came home and made a cup of and went into my into my front room to see the setting sun in the west lighting my room with a  rich golden light.  It caught my sun catcher and shards and shafts of light were shimmering round the room.  The moment was magical and I was grateful for the sun after so many dull grey weeks.

Earlier at my plot the borage growing round the strawberry bed had been alive with bees busy foraging, there  were bumble bees, honey bee, leaf cutter bees, hoverflies and here and there were butterflies  In a brief span of time I saw three small tortoiseshell butterflies emerging in the bright sunlight.  It was months since I had seen  so many butterflies as the warm sunny weather this week brought them out from the shelter of their cocoons.

Tortoiseshell butterflies were once a common sight in gardens and the country side, but  because of the cold dry weather in 2011 and the cold wet months of April, June and July in  this year they have been badly affected and are in decline as are so many other butterflies.  Giving space to a wild flower  meadow had created a wild life haven were  a dozen or more butterflies flew and danced over my plot stopping on the blue hyssop flowers, then onto the red clover before resting on the yellow daisies growing from the bee seed mix I had scattered amongst my fruit tree.

I love days like this with the peace and serenity of working on my plot on a lovely Summer's day and then coming home to a sun filled room.  The final end to a perfect day was to see the new moon rising as I walk with Pops in streets lit by a moonlight and the  rays of the setting sun. 

With Reiki blessings

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