Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dave - my friiend.

Dave is, I believe, under arrest for the brutal killing of his friend.and disposal of his dismembered body in the sea.  The upper torso of the body was found last week on the beach.   He is in custody now for another 32 hours.  He is  a friend from the allotments.

When I first got my overgrown plot Dave helped put up my shed and dug over half the plot for me.  My dog Pops loves him and when ever we are at the allotment he always has time to cuddle her and play with her. Dave has been kind and friendly to me but I am aware that he has deep and dark moods.  He swings from happy and optimistic to angry, agitated moods.  His plot is somewhere where he can recover be close to nature, grow food and find peace.

Dave is one of the underclass of society he was left by his mother when a toddler and he lived with his father. When he talks about his dad it is always with affection but his father was a tough and sometimes brutal man.  From childhood Dave worked with his father as scrap  merchant. He had no schooling  as somehow he slipped out of the education system  His father's family had always been Totters.   In the 20th century the horse and cart had been exchanged for a battered lorry.  Dave still follows in this trade.  His shed on his plot is an Aldin's cave. 

I feel so sad that Dave is in this dreadful situation, however, what happened to the victim is horrendous and brutal.  I have asked myself could Dave have done this murder and disposed of the body in this way?  Yes in a dark mood fuelled with Alcohol, which is such an enemy to those with mental health problems. 

What ever is the outcome of the police investigation Dave will always be my friend and I am grateful for his kindness and help for me at the allotments.  He knows so much about nature and the wild animals and insects, how to look after trees, to grow good fruit and vegetables. 

Dave has a son he kept in contact with him despite the break up of his relationship with the boy's mother.  His son is serving in the army in Afghanistan.

The allotment is buzzing with Dave's arrest and the searching of his plot.  I just feel sad.

I am sending Reiki to Dave, to the victim of this awful crime and his family and to Dave's son

With Reiki blessings


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