Saturday, 24 November 2012

Stormy Times

Today an Autumn storm is sending heavy rain lashing against my window.  Leaves from the beech trees outside are scooped up and swirl around in a frenzy and then the wind eases and  the leaves drift back to the ground one by one.

Like everyone there are times  in my life I feel as if I am caught up in whirlwind emotionally, and spiralling into  physical exhaustion.Times when my mind swirls with thoughts anxieties and fear in the storm of  present circumstances  Times in which I seem to have lost my footing and I am  being tossed about helplessly back and forward without a will, like a leaf blown here and there in the wind.  I cannot think  and cannot breathe.

Then I strive to catch my breathe and pause and slowly by focusing on one in breath and then one out breath  once, twice or as many times as it takes, until  there is a lull in the storm of emotion.  I hold  myself still and breathe in and out, my breath deepens as I breathe in and slowly breathe out..  I again I focus on the  in breath and  sense of calm envelopes me, the out breath brings ease.  I relax and smile as a sense of well being flows through me.  I stand quietly and the flurry of thoughts diminish and drift away.  I am drawn back into the peaceful  centre of my nature. Like the leaves that flutter softly back to earth after the wind has ceased, . I may have  to begin again and then yet once more before  I have brought peace and equilibrium  back into my heart space.

Mindfulness meditation allows me the space to find my peaceful  centre.   I can face the circumstances that the storm of life is bringing me by being in here and now. I am  not looking back or dreaming about or fearing  the future.  I am no longer full or recriminations, fear, hopelessness or anger.  I can see  through the storm  the dawn of  light and the healing rays of Reiki 

With Reiki Golden Light

I saw this quote and comment written by Jean Claude on Cowbird today

 "The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too."

Vincent Van Gogh, in a letter to his beloved brother Theo 

Jean Claude writes:on Cowbird

As we know now Vincent's heart knew mostly storms. He never found out how much light he brought, brings to the crumpled hearts of others. The pearls, that his work was, are shining forth.

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