Thursday, 13 December 2012

Poppy's new coat

The best part of owning a dog is the connection you make with them, the affection you share with them, and the humour they provide.” Henry Winkler (The Fonz)

Poppy was tied up for the first year of her life and hates to be restrained in any way.  Attempts to get her to wear a coat failed because she would roll over and wriggle free, or slide along the pavement trying to rip it off.  If that failed she attacked  it and rip it to shreds when she saw the coat hanging in the hall.

This winter I tried again to get her to wear a coat in this bitter weather.  No blues or read or cute coats, plain brown  no quilting simple fastening at the neck and round the tummy.  She wore it home from the shop and wore it out in the garden had a snooze in it, had her lunch wearing it.  So far she is happy to wear it.

Is she growing old and wiser? I do not thinks so!   On Saturday we walked to the allotment, Poppy in her smart new coat, me carrying a new fruit tree one minute she was along side me the next she had dived into a foxes den with only her bottom hanging out she wriggled further in and I held onto her lead and tried to extract her.  Eventually she slithered out her coat still on and only slightly muddy. Her retreat was  only because I was tugging her backwards out of the hole as I had her on the lead. Fortunately the fox was not a home!  An underground dog and fox fight with me on the other end does not bear thinking about.  I was glad she came out if she had gone any further  she may have got stuck and I would have probably have had to dig her out.  I retrieved the abandoned fruit tree and got to my plot.  First thing I did was put the kettle on I needed my rescue remedy tea!

Poppy is a Follie a fox terrier collie cross.  When I first had her  she had been tied up for most of her first year and never mixed with other dogs or been walked.  As a result she never sniffed anything, but  now four years on she walks along sniffing for cats rats and to get her peemails, to which she always replies.  Walking with Poppy at night is very odd she bounces up over garden walls seeking cats, or twirls and whirls when a fast car passes us..  Occasionally she walks quietly and then takes another twirl or bounce.  she rarely barks when she is out now.  Sometimes at a car, or a bike.  Unlike the first walk we took but  that is another story.

She barks at the plot sometimes at a car carrying away one of her human fans, or as friends cycle off.  The flight of a flock of geese flying overhead is serenaded  by Poppy, as are air rescue helicopters and navy helicopters.  On the way out if I have spent too long chatting to friend I pass at the allotments she natters then lurches off and as she is so strong I follow saying my good byes as I am hauled along by Poppy ,who is power walking up the path heading for the gate and home.

Poppy is affectionate, funny, strong in body and will.  She is afraid off traffic especially  buses, dustcarts  Coop Lorries.  

She will be five on the 21st of December 2012  and I am so grateful for her being in my life for four years.

With Reiki blessings to all living creatures

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