Monday, 10 December 2012

The Mindless Chatter - White Noise

Everyday we are surrounded by the white noise of the media, and on-line chatter.  Mindless gossip, carping, laughing at, and pulling pranks on unsuspecting people. Peering into other peoples lives to reveal  that people are human and transgress.     People are  exposing  the grit and grim of their lives on social media like Facebook,  Reality TV, You Tube.  Twitter, Everyone both real and imagined have flaws.

Shakespeare was a master of showing the flaws in the characters in his plays.  In Othello the character  Michael Cassio, Shakespeare has shown how  people who if young and inexperienced,  and are simple natured, are easy targets for those who are more cynical and worldly wise and who have selfish intentions. 

Casio is duped by Iago's  bitter manipulative character  to unknowingly providing false evidence against the innocent wife of Othello.  Iago wanted  to destroy both Othello's and Cassio' reputation and lives.

Casio had a flaw in his character  lack of respect for most women except the few he diefies such as Desdemona.  This what Iago uses for his plot against  Othello.  Cassio's mistress is  Bianca and he  is duped  by Iago into talk about her and to create murderous jealousy  Othello who is  secretly listening and believes the conversation is about Casio relationship with Desdemona

Iago asks if Cassio will he marry Bianac

Casio  laughing contemptuously sayes:

 marry her! what? a customer! Prithee, 
bear some charity to my wit: do not think .
It so unwholesome,

Othello jealsousy goes beyond reason leading to tragic consequences for all involved.

Shakespeare was inspired by a great insight into a how tragedy unfolds

In our modern world we have the reality show.  Where understanding and compassion are only mouthed about.   One of these is Jeremy Kyle show.  Where guest wrestling with painful dilemmas, pour out their grief, sense of betrayal, or injustice in front of a studio audience.   They are manipulated by Jeremy Kyle into exposing the rawness of their feelings and anger.  If a fierce confrontation breaks out the studio audience boo and clap as the pantomime unfolds before them and delighting in the experience of being at a good show.

Other  popular Talk shows are full of mindless chatter unimportant  matters.  ITV's morning show Lorriane  is billed as a topical mix of entertainment, discussion, and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring fashion food, and celebrity gossip  Recently I heard  Lorraine and a stylist talking about wearing high heels which both women agreed were a must for the fashionable woman, although  both women admitted that their heels were so high as to cause them pain. The stylist declared:

if I see someone going to a party this Christmas  in flat shoes I will be traumatised.  

Traumatised  is when a father staggers out of the rubble of a bombed house in Gaza carrying his dead child in his arms. and  a parent in Israel weep for a dead child killed in a bombing of a bus.. Traumatised is when Kiki cannot get to her home in Mexico city because Drug gangs are waging a war on her street. On a street where her son is trapped in his house terrified by the men with machine guns.

Everything is fair game for the hunters of a sensation, even for fun.  A young women's privacy was invaded as she was hospitalised for problems with her pregnancy.  Just for Fun two young DJ's were manipulated into make a phone call to the private hospital were the Duchess of Cambridge was a patient.  One pretended to be the Queen and a nurse put them through to the Duchess' nurse who revealed details about her condition unaware of the hoax being played on her.  Mindless chatter of the DJs about what fun as they flew on a high.  Michael Christian wrote 

The only bad thing about our Royal Prank… is knowing that I will NEVER EVER top this,'' he posted on Facebook. "Less than a week in the job & I've already peaked. 

 But from  that peak he fell crashing  down  when the news broke of the suicide  of   
Jacintha Saldanha..   The nurse who first answered the phone at .the Royal Hospital London .  The Prank was not so funny then.

But who was it that encouraged these young inexperienced DJs to pull this prank ?  Who was the person who gave them the number?  What where the names of the producer and lawyer who agreed that the Prank call should be broadcast.?  These people, I believe, used this scoop for the selfish intention of increasing the  ratings for the show and advertising revenue.  They knew this hoax call with  real information about the Duchess's pregnancy would go viral round the world. Her privacy was discarded.

The DJs  .Mel Greig and Michael Christian not  entirely to blame and I believe they are:

gutted" and "heartbroken

 They are in environment where it is OK to use any means to get that Scoops.    A world where respect for others privacy is thrown aside for tittle-tattle, the headline the jape. Those who are really  to responsible remain anonymous whilst these two young people take the brunt of the backlash.   They are feeling the full force of public anger .  But have the production  team step forward to take a share of the backlash?  No! 

This culture of  of mindless, ruthless disrespect of  a person's  life in pursuit of another scoop is a culture engendered Rupert Murdock's News Corps Media Empire and has infected most media. The mindless chatter that fills the vacuum of so many peoples lives. 

 I know out there in the real world is a young man who must fear his wife  might be subject to the same ruthless and relentless media attention as his mother endured.   A woman who, as we all know died, in lethal a car accident while fleeing the pursuit of paparazzi.   I also feel Prince William will understand more than most of us what it will feel like for two teenage children when they take a  lonely walk  behind their mother's coffin. 

It is a shame!

Sometimes our world seems so sad.

With Reiki healing to all those involved in tragedy 
Merry B 

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