Friday, 22 March 2013

Last Day 0f Winter 2013

The last day of winter was a beautiful day sunny sparkling cloudless skies, warm enough to work on my allotment and to take time out to  meditate and have a cup of tea or two. The  daffodils and crocuses were flowering, while buds were swelling on the fruit trees and bushes.  There were occasional bumble bees lazing in a daffodil  trumpet or lingering on the open crocus flowers and then visiting the bellis daisies.

The rhubarb crowns were being to produce perfect tiny leaves which will soon be big enough to shade the bed.  The first thing I did when I got to the plot was checked my new apple tree, a one year old maiden James Grieve to see how it was faring in the wet and cold weather.   It is less of a tree more of a stick with lovely shiny bark the colour of  burnt umber brown, but still a stick! The water table has been so high this winter the young roots of the tree could be struggling to grow or even be rotting in the cold, wet and icy earth around them.  Here is hoping the tiny buds will swell and start the transformation from stick to a beautiful tree full of red apples which in a couple of years  will give in September beautiful cookers which if left on the tree will be by November sweet desert apples.. 

It was a perfect day at the plot and in the evening while walking Pops  there was a beautiful half moon in a star studded sky.  The night air was crisp but dry and Winter finished here in Hampshire with the gift of  sunlight and moonlight.

Wednesday was the Spring Equinox and dawn broke with clear skies and sunshine.  However, by late morning there was a chill in the air and growing cloud banking up and eventually obscuring the sun.  All the doors and windows which I had thrown open to welcome Spring were shut tight again  as the cold began to seep through the house.   In the evening on my walk with Pops  we faced icy rain and blustery squalls form a bitter north easting wind. Pops headed for home as soon as she could turn the right corner there was going to be no extended walk for her.  As soon as she came home she wedged herself against the radiator.

crocus flowering in my plot
The Spring Equinox brings equal day and night then gradually the light grows day by day until midsummer's day.   This  years Spring Equinox started  with Sunshine but as I sit at my computer I can hear the wind rumbling done the chimney and it is wet and very chilly outside, there may even be snow showers to come.  A disappointing start after such a long winter period of rain snow chilly winds and dull days. 

On the afternoon of the Equinox  I turned on the lights before sunset tonight as the cloud cover was so dense it obscured the light. Hey ho, sigh Spring will come and the seedlings in the greenhouse will grow straight and tall and not be leggy and weak. Whatever happens I will be growing and planting on my allotment and in the garden.  Today I snatched moments outside  to look at the beautiful daffodils shining through the gloom but  the crocuses were shut tight against the wind

So welcome Spring and the sunny days a head, and...

May the Long Time Sun

Shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light

within you

Guide your way home

With Reiki blessings


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