Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snowed Under But In The Pink

I wrote a notebook entry on my website but decide I would expand on it here,  so hopefully this blog will grow.. Pop back again soon.

snowed under but in the pink
Every day I walk into my garden I notice changes the tight buds of the daffodils are unfurling, Today the buds of the wild daffodils have started to open amongst the snowdrops, one small tulip is flowering.  The days are  creeping forward to the Spring Equinox the beginning of  a new season.

The weather of late Winter has been cold,grey and gloomy.  More rain and even snow lies ahead in the next few days.  But when I see tiny daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses shining through the gloom my spirits lift.  

I had become quite gloomy in February as the weather had restricted my outdoor activity, walking, gardening and my time at my allotment.  I could feel the cold and gloom from outside penetrating my mind and heart space.  I heard myself complaining and muttering about  'Life the World and Universe' and struggled to emerge into the light.  Fortunately on my book shelf is Pema Chodron's teaching on The way of the Bodhisattva.  For three days I immersed  my self in the teachings. 

 On the fourth day I woke up feeling very strange, different, it was only gradually did it dawn on me what the change were, I no longer felt stressed, no longer felt exhausted and my mind had cleared.  All the negative and destructive emotions that had stifled me had evaporated and I felt cheerful and knew any problems that I still faced had solutions or would pass

With Reiki Light and Blessings

Merry B

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