Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tea Time In My scented Herb Garden

My garden and allotment are full of herbs, I use herbs in teas and cooking, and medicinally.  On a grey  June day I wrote a list of the herbs I grow and it came to over 50 herbs.   This is a picture I took of my part of my herb collection on that same grey day.  There are thymes,  mints, rosemary, oregano,  sweet cicely, lavenders, and wild strawberries just beginning to ripen.  These herbs I use every day in cooking, for making teas and medicinally. I grow some herbs in pots but most in the ground. At the allotment I have the herbs lovage, angelica, hyssop and chamomile growing in one bed near my shed but I also grow other herbs in the fruit beds, with the strawberries borage., with the chard,oregano chives, rocket.

It gives me a sense of well being to see and  to be surrounded by herbs, and when I stop to rest and play with my dog Pops I brew herb tea picked fresh from the plants around me. Sometimes I may have a mint infusion, or black tea and lemon balm to give me a boost of energy, the combinations are numerous and from my local Tea Store I have learnt to make unusual blends.  I try their expert blends and become bolder in the combination of herbs I use in teas.  I sometimes use Rooibos  teas green, earl grey or black with the herbs.

In March to shield my plot from yet another poly-tunnel I plant a dog rose screen, which have rose-hips in the Autumn, so I have been trying out loose rose-hip tea, All about Tea combine this with hibiscus flower and it has become my favourite tea. I love the Ruby Red colour  of Hibiscus tea, a delight to eye and its flavour is tangy and citrus and delicious. Hibiscus  grow in tropical climates but in fact are members of the mallow family. The Pharaohs used hibiscus tea, and today it's still common as a toast at Egyptian weddings. 

Another combination of tea that I got from this tea store is a Faery Tea called Wendy's Tea.  Here is its description from the Tea Stores on-line store:

Wendy Tea is a magical faery blend of Rooibos Earl Grey,sweet South African Honeybush, Lavender Flowers, Rose Petals, Marigold Petals and Cornflower Petals. A refreshing, uplifting tea that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for whatever life throws at you!
Delightful to drink on a hot June afternoon, and to share with friends and family  a spoon of honey and there is magic held in your hands and  especially  for children.  

I find a chamomile infusion is delightful, chamomile and lavender tea promises a relaxing evening and sleep,  but for perfection I mix these herbs  with Rooibos, green or black tea. ( I am a builders tea person!)

Oh I love herbs and making herb teas.I feel I might be back to  blog about herbs and tea again

This is the on-line link to All About Tea

Pops is waiting for her evening walk so I must  stop blogging and take her for a stroll in the park.

With Reiki Blessings


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