Thursday, 13 June 2013

Time Out From The On-line Universe

For the past month I have been taking time out from the on-line Universe, I check in to look at emails, and do a few tasks on-line but then I have shut down the computer and got busy in the outside world.  I have never been obsessed with the on-line community, which probably reflects my age!

On the way to local shops I walk by the University bus stop where lines of students wait to be transported into the City Center, often 50 of more students are waiting there, but frequently the only sound is of mobile phones alerting the owner to a new text and the tapping of text messages, or they are using one of the many apps they cannot seem to live with out.  As I weave my way through the University group, I am rarely acknowledge.  Conversation between each other  is unusual and almost frowned upon as disturbing the 'real world'..  I call them a group but they are not a group they are isolated individuals with their eyes fixed on tiny screen where life is really happening.  When the bus draws up they shuffle forward to get on the double decker bus  eyes still fixed on a glowing light and slip silently past the bus driver briefly flashing their bus pass before their hands return to texting or surfing the internet.

I am reminded of  story of The Midwich Cuckoos,  by John Wyndham,  In the which "The Children" were alien beings who were controlled by a one group will. .  The University Students aren't controlled by the group mind but by the tiny screens in their hands, controlled by invisible beings out there in the ether.

I read a tweet yesterday about how the Dorset Wild life Trust is concerned about the use of mobile phones apps at their Reserves   The Metro sets the scene and the consequences for birds:

It’s a beautiful day to be a bird: sun above warming the feathers and lots of lovely insects down below.
and here’s the icing on the cake – a ‘come and get me’ mating call from a chirruping beauty looking for action.

But wait… hang on… it’s only the annoying chatter of a mobile phone-wielding human.

It is annoying for this human being  to hear mobile apps being played  when walking through a Reserve or woodland, but  as Tony Whitehead  of  RSPB  said:

playing a recording of bird song or calls to get a better view of a bird can divert it from other important duties, such as feeding its young.

"Night Jars are rarely seen during daylight, but at night when they are 'churring' on the branch of a  tree they can be picked out against the night sky."

Twitchers on Brownsea Island have been disturbing these rare  Night Jar  by using a mobile app. of its song to locate and draw out the birds for spotting and photo calls.  They maybe people who perhaps do not realise the harm they be doing to the birds well being, or maybe people too busy or impatient, to stand and wait for  one of these birds to reveal itself, or just be grateful to know it is there and is being protected on the Reserve..

The virtual world seems to have become more real than the actual world, for many people. 

Oh dear I  am living up to my name and Rambling! 

I love the world of the internet and the interactivity it gives, but I only spend a fragement of my time on the computer each day.  Life is out there waiting to be experienced, and enjoyed.  All we need to do is pay attention to the present moment and we can see the treasures of nature and live life fully.

With Reiki blessings 


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