Monday, 17 June 2013

The first Roses of Summer

Today it is dull summers day with hardly a glimmer of sunshine, I have been out in the garden dead heading my roses, how strange that a little over a week ago I was waiting for the first rose of the year to unfurl  and now that bloom is in the compost bin.

The 9th of June was a perfect June evening I sat in my garden in dappled sunlight and saw three of my Masquerade rose were beginning to bloom, and this climbing rose held the promise of a hundred or more flowers.  It was hot evening and I was shaded by the honeysuckle lonicere sermpervirens. Opposite to where I was sitting was a lovely old English rambling rose running twenty foot down the trellis and smothered in buds but only two were flowering.

The borders in my garden are filled with shrubs and perennial flowers. On the patio area there are pots of lavender,  winter box, herbs  and bowls of salad leaves vibrant in the sun, it  is a beautiful space.On the evening of the 9th of June the silence was only broken by the buzzing of the bees and a wood pigeon cooing in the distance.

Where is my garden? Not in the country side but in a densely populated City.  Yet there in that moment there was perfect peace and tranquility.

I  captured this lovely evening in my journal and thought on this grey evening in June I would share it with you.I

With Reiki blessings


Masquerade rose brightening a grey day

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